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Open Boating System specially designed for community sailing clubs

Streamline your open boating business with an easy work flow for reservations, rentals, member skill qualifications, and create specialized passes.

Better control boat usage with the reservation system that is based on session times. Members can view availability and make their own reservations online.

Free solution to increase your rental business while maintaining a safe club by enforcing sailor's skill qualifications for each type of boat for different wind conditions.

Donations are greatly appreciated. They help cover development and operating costs so we can support and provide free solutions to community sailing clubs.


Manage members, boat skill qualifications, waivers, passes, reservations, rentals, inventory

Maintain a safe club. The skills feature ties together members, inventory, and what skills a member has obtained for the type of inventory.

Skill enforcement. Member will only be able to use inventory that they are qualified to use for the current conditions. The dashboard will highlight sailors checked-out over their skill level when wind conditions change.

Dashboard provides a complete overview of the day's rentals, reservations, and members currently skill testing.

Customize your own passes and memberships

Pass management system is very flexible. Create various styles of passes such as annual passes, family passes with shared members, punch-card style limiting to a number of rentals, single use pass, plus many more types of passes can be created. Passes can have a fixed expiration date or custom for the member.

Reservations! Control inventory usage with the reservation system based on sessions. You control what's available at what times. Avoid overcrowd times and increase rentals by spreading rentals through-out the day. Members can make their own reservations online.


Control when and what inventory is available. Avoid crunch times by defining sessions and what inventory is available in each session. Members are able to make their own reservations online.


Easily and quickly check-out inventory. The system enforces sailors skills. Only able to check-out inventory a member is qualified for, for the current wind conditions. Verifies member has a pass and has signed a waiver.


Manage and keep track of inventory, status, notes, and usage.


Manage member information, skill qualifications, waivers, status, notes and passes/memberships.


Flexible passes. A variety of passes can be created. Such as family shared passes, single use, multiple use, punch-card, and many more. With or without expiration date.

Member Skills

Keep track of a sailor's skills for each type of boat, for different wind conditions. When wind conditions change the activity dashboard will show what sailors are out beyond their skill level and need to be called ashore.


Members are prevented from checking out inventory unless the member has sighed a waiver, or the dockmaster has confirmed the member has signed a waiver. Optionally Integrates with "Smartwaiver" for waiver signing.

Activity Dashboard

Monitor rental activity and reservations from one dashboard. Dockmaster is always in the "Know".


A must have tool for any boat rental business!

As a growing sailing center, keeping track of members, their skills, and time on the water was a painstaking task. We originally operated with a cumbersome paper system that was revolutionized by the introduction of digiClubZone. This program allows the flexibility and capacity to handle high volumes of users, while keeping track of boat and sailor specific nuances. By incorporating profile and check out settings that monitor wind speed and user's ability, digiClubZone helps us maintain a safe on the water environment. The software's workflow is intuitive, and easy train staff to use. As a whole, digiClubZone is a versatile software that has made our rental programs' growth a great success

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About us

Our mission is to empower community sailing clubs by providing them with free and affordable software solutions that help them manage their operations efficiently.

We believe that sailing should be accessible to everyone, and our software is designed to make it easier for sailing clubs to manage memberships, reservations, rentals, and communicate with their members. We are committed to providing high-quality software that meets the unique needs of each sailing club we work with, and we are dedicated to helping these clubs thrive and grow.

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