Club Rental Solution

with Online Reservations

Club management system specially designed for community sailing clubs that have a high level of boat activity.

Manage members, memberships/passes, member skills, inventory, and daily rental activity. Enforce waiver signing, enforce member skill qualifications for inventory usage.

While optimized for busy boating clubs it can be used for any type of club that needs to handle daily rental activity.

Dashboard helps provide a safe club in the know!

Microsoft Store App Store

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Secure Cloud Service

(Optional Service)

With data securly stored in the cloud you can have multiple staff members running different devices sharing the same data. You might have a front desk running Windows 10 on a big touch screen, an iPad running as a kiosk, and staff roaming the club with the app on a smart phone.

screen screen screen

Waiver/Agreement Signing

(Requires Cloud Service)

You have the option to enforce waiver signing. Enforcing signing will prevent a member from using inventory if they have not signed a waiver. There are various options for enforcing signing. It can be as simple as reminding the staff to check if the member has signed a waiver such as a paper version or using it to the fullest and requiring a member to digitally sign a waiver before being able to check-out inventory.


Main Features

Take the guess work out of managing members, waivers, and inventory. With digiClubZone you can choose to enforce waiver signing so a member can’t use the inventory unless signed. The system has a skills feature the ties together members, inventory and skills. When skills is enforced a member will only be able to use inventory that they are qualified to use for the current conditions.

Excel Add-In

Data analytics in Excel spreadsheets.

Extract your club data from the cloud service directly into Excel for reporting and analytics.


Windows Desktop with Touch

digiClubZone gives you the power to transform workflows, improve client relationships, and boost your productivity


Modern and Minimal

Navigate the check-out process quickly and easily.


Public Inventory Availability Gages

Embed the digiClubZone web component into your website and let customers know what boats you have and how many are available. Easily keep your customers up to date with current events and any special announcements.

(Requires Cloud Service)


Optimized for community sailing clubs

but not limited to

digiClubZone can be used for any type of club that needs to manage members, member skills, inventory, and waivers. Any or all the features can be used.


User testimonial

A must have tool for any boat rental business!

As a growing sailing center, keeping track of members, their skills, and time on the water was a painstaking task. We originally operated with a cumbersome paper system that was revolutionized by the introduction of digiClubZone. This program allows the flexibility and capacity to handle high volumes of users, while keeping track of boat and sailor specific nuances. By incorporating profile and check out settings that monitor wind speed and user's ability, digiClubZone helps us maintain a safe on the water environment. The software's workflow is intuitive, and easy train staff to use. As a whole, digiClubZone is a versatile software that has made our rental programs' growth a great success--a must have tool for any boat rental business!

— Max - Sail Sand Point, WA #

Pricing plans

For $1.99 you can buy the APP from the Microsoft Store or App Store and run a club on a single device without the need for an internet connection and without subscribing with the cloud service.

The APP has a sample club included so you can play around with it before you setup your own club. The Window's APP has a 30 day trial so you can try before you buy.

If you have the need to run your club from multiple devices and would like your data securely stored in the cloud, then contact us about subscribing to the cloud service.

APP Purchase

Without Cloud Service

Single Device

Microsoft Store

App Store


  • Single Purchase
  • No monthly fees


Cloud Service (Optional)

Secure Hosted Data

Multiple Devices


  • Monthly hosting fee
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